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Program Overview

The UofA Esports Program is a comprehensive program that includes varsity-level esports competition, student engagement and career development.

What are Esports?  Esports is simply playing computer or video games competitively.  Similar to having two basketball teams competing on the court, esports has two teams competing within a computer game.


  • For details on the competitive guidelines, click here.
  • For listing of current games played as well as team stats, click here.
  • Tryouts begin in Summer.

Student Engagement

  • For details on student positions available (paid and volunteer), click here.
  • For details on the club gaming community, click here.

Career and Academics

  • For details on esports career opportunities and academic programs, click here.


Where to play

The Student Union Memorial Center has an brand new Arizona Esports Arena. Whether you are fiercely competitive or totally casual, they are open to anyone who wants to play video games on campus. This is also where the varsity teams practice and compete! They are located in the SUMC on the lowest level, in Rm 138.

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