The UArizona Esports Program is a Comprehensive Establishment that involves Varsity-level Esports Competition, Student Engagement, and Career Development.



What Are Esports?


Esports are a specific genre of video gaming involving collaborative gameplay against other individuals of similar merit. The competitive nature present allows esports to be compared to that of traditional sports and to flourish in pro teams, businesses, and even UArizona's college campus. 
In the program, student athletes are passionate, dedicated, and committed to upholding the high standards set; as well as embracing the diverse community that makes them who they are. 



Join an Esports Team on Scholarship

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Our Varsity teams are proud to represent the University of Arizona across a variety of esports in multiple collegiate esports leagues. 

Varsity Esports players can expect a demanding but rewarding yearlong schedule comprised of practices, gamedays, health/wellness workouts, teambuilding, and university collaborations alongside an exclusive varsity esports scholarship!

"One of the Only True Co-Ed Esports Programs in the Country"

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At UArizona Esports, we guarantee opportunities for competitive development and participation for men, women, and non-binary students within each team. We take pride in the gender diversity presented as one of the only truly coed esports programs in the country!

Experience Career and Academics

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​​​​​The iSchool at UArizona has been developing Esports Courses that go hand in hand with the Esports Program. Students can reach out to their team and hear how esports can become a minor alongside their schooling.


Learn More About the Esports Degree Here!

Fall 2022 Varsity Schedule

*Some games may face rescheduling