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Esports Teams On Scholarship

       Our Varsity Teams are proud to represent the University of Arizona across a variety of Esports in multiple Collegiate Esports Leagues. At UArizona Esports, we guarantee opportunities for competitive development and participation for men, women, and non-binary students within each team. The Program takes outstanding pride in it's gender diversity, presented as one of the only truly co-ed Esports Programs in the country!
       Varsity Esports players can expect a demanding but rewarding yearlong schedule. Students can expect a schedule comprised of practices, gamedays, health/wellness workouts, teambuilding, and University collaborations alongside an exclusive Varsity Esports Scholarship!

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Academy Teams

UArizona Esports Scholarship

Casting Course Spring 2023


Academics And Career

​​​       The School of Information officially establishes Esports Courses, going hand in hand with the Esports Program. Students can reach out to their Advisor to hear how Esports can become a minor alongside their schooling, but can also take Esports Courses no mater the Degree Path.
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Middle/High School Overlap

       As Esports grows across generations, the Program supports Esports in all Tucson Middle and High Schools.  Opportunities to support such schools have flourished through Streaming their Matches on the UArizona Esports Twitch Channel. Opportunities for more Schools to participate are dependent on a balance of time and connection with the school. Learn more about Affiliate below and see how your school can get involved!
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C. E. Rose Competing in the 11/11 Tournament



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