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UArizona Esports Academy Teams


Academy: A Stepping Stone To Varsity

UArizona Esports Academy allows Students interested in Competitive Esports to get involved to a lesser extent to Varsity. Complete with Student-lead practice schedules and potential opportunities to stream outside of Varsity timeslots, Academy is a great alternative to open the door to more UArizona Students.

 What's Available on an Academy Team?


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1) Teams Akin to Esports Varsity

While proud of the Varsity Teams and all they achieve, it is understood that the Esports and Gaming Community on Campus is so much more than two Esport Teams. With so many passionate players and so many different esports and games that make Arizona's community so unique, Academy Teams support alternative ways to get involved in collegiate esports for games outside our varsity offerings. If the opporutnity arises, enrollment in Academy could give students a path for future Varsity Esport Teams. 

2) Space for Personal Development

 Academy can house a variety of competitive club/academy teams within the esports program, and any Game Title with the association of "Esport" is eligible to form a team.  As long as Students can form an eligible team to compete in some form of recognized collegiate competition with the size of team required, the Esports program is willing to support it.

3) Reward for Dedicated Students

While the requirements are not as intensive as the varsity teams, arena reservations will be considered for teams, as well as streaming matches on the official UArizona Esport twitch. With every team, there will also be potential practice structure/organizational support, team merch/gear, and travel support within reason.

Academy Frequently Asked Questions

1 – Does a UArizona Student have to be Full-time to be on an Academy Team?
  •   The University of Arizona deems any Student enrolled in any capacity to enroll for an Academy Team.
2- Are Virtual UArizona Students eligible to participate?
  • It is permitted to be a virtual player if the other members of the team accept it. The team should also have a plan for how they'll compete with a virtual student onboard if they travel.
3 – Can you participate in more than one Academy Team?
  • Students may consider joining as many Teams as Available, if they can make the schedule work and be present at practice with their teammates.
4 – What is the best way to know when Academy Teams are Open to New Members?
  • Currently, most teams operate through chats on the UArizona Esports Discord Server. Due to this, the best method of staying up to date is watching all social media but utilizing methods of contact through the Discord.