UArizona Affiliate Team, C. E. Rose K-8, Flying through Nationals

Dec. 5, 2023

Pat Ortega is proud of all that his 'Dream Team' has accomplished

UArizona Esports Affiliate C. E. Rose K-8 Rocket League

As the other Affiliate Schools rest between their Rocket League Seasons, one team stands out as they progress out of Western Regionals into Nationals.

C. E. Rose K-8, a local Tucson Middle School in the Tucson School District, officially won the University of Arizona Tournament last month. Still holding strong, they've managed to already beat two teams in the Seed during the nationals Bracket.

Check out UArizona Esports on Twitch as they cover the Next Game of their Nationals Journey, streamed Thursday, December 7th, at 3:00 PM MST.

Pat Ortega, the Advisor for the school's Esports Program, is proud of all that his 'Dream Team' has accomplished. "I have a lot of stories" he's said previously this month, in front of TUSD, Utterback Middle School, and several local Sponsors behind the growth of Esports in Tucson.

Ortega's committed students deserve the uproar, as the University of Arizona is proud to highlight the ongoing presence of Tucson, Arizona in Rocket League Nationals.