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Esports team

We believe that esports are a fun and enjoyable opportunity for everyone.

Therefore, we have built the Arizona Esports program on the following values. All staff and players must sign a program agreement statement, which encompasses these values.


Core Values

1.  Good sportsmanship

   To ensure a safe environment for esports, the Arizona Esports program require good sportsmanship from all our team members.  Our basic assumption is that everyone is doing the best they can at the time with the information they have.  As such, we will encourage and train good sportsmanship with our players and coaches.  We do not condone "trash talking", discriminatory language, outburst of anger and rage.  We recognize that we are all human and need to express ourselves, but we will encourage a positive and beneficial expression of such emotions.

2.  Inclusion & Diversity

   Everyone can play esports.  Arizona Esports does not discriminate nor will tolerate discrimination based upon the university's non-discrimination policy, including race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or genetic information.  Arizona Esports will actively recruit underrepresented people groups for their teams and staff, including, but not limited to, women, black, indigenous, and people of color.  Our goal is to have the Arizona Esports Program be an agent of good in the lives of every person, bringing everyone together in a safe, fun environment.

3. Growth & Leadership

   College is a time to learn and grow leadership skills necessary for post-collegiate life.  We endeavor to provide opportunities for student to learn the esports industry, whether as players, coaches, producers, broadcasters, etc.  Beyond skills training and practical experience, we provide leadership training and interpersonal relationship skills, to prepare our students for success in life, even beyond a rewarding career in esports. 


Sample Player/Staff Agreement Doc