Careers and degree programs

Esports is more than just playing games competitively.  Arizona Esports is also here to prepare you a career in this growing industry.  This graphic gives just an idea of the many careers in esports. 


Undecided which academic program is right for your esports career?

Academic Programs

Academic Courses This list is only a sample of available courses and is not exhaustive. Check the schedule of classes for availability.

  • Esports Industry (GAME 310, 311, 312, 452/552)
  • Programming classes (CSC 210, 317, 382, 433)
  • Game development (GAME/ISTA 251, 451/551)
  • Game design (INFO 516, 524, 525, 551)
  • Graphic design (ART 231, 237, 265, 266)
  • Broadcasting (JOUR 308, 497S, Global COM5003)
  • Video game culture (PAH 230, 231, 330, 331)
  • Esports as business (Eller, HNRS College Freshman Seminar)
  • Online communications (ESOC 211)


Job Listing

There are no current positions available.Please check back later for opportunities.


There are both paid and volunteer positions.  Positions include coaches, shout casters, analysts, video production team.

For any volunteer position, please talk with your college department about possible intern course credit.